Hello, stranger. I don’t know where you came or how you found us but we know you have journeyed near and far to get here. You’ve heard the tales and now yer looking for wealth, glory, and fame. You’re seeking it where few have delved and far less have survived. This is a pit stop along your way. Rest awhile and peruse our wares and come back often when things seem the most dire. You will obtain the support you need. You’ll find that you’ll get as much as you give. A fellowship of miscreants who will be willing to slap you back into reality whenever the madness sets in.


Webcomics. A deadly pursuit. You will find yourself surrounded by new friends, foes, betrayal, and endless intrigue. Humor, romance, drama, & horror is the name of the game and you are one of those who are playing to win. The monsters of this world are real but you may find that the demons are your own.

Welcome to the world of Webcartooning. Enter at your own peril.

“Cartooning will destroy you; it will break your heart.”

– Charles M. Schulz